Bonuses in Parimatch India, Bonus code 2022

Parimatch. in accepts bets all over the world, and India is not an exception. The sportsbook has developed a separate website parimatch. in with a generous bonus package for the Indian people. We will acquaint you with the offers and bonuses that are available in Parimatch India and how to receive them.

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Welcome Bonus in Parimatch India

Registration in Parimatch India enables bettors to participate in the welcome bonus programme and claim one of the two bonuses depending on the preferred choice:

  1. 150 % of the first deposit but not more than the 20000 INR bonus;
  2. 200 % of the first deposit, but not more than the 8000 INR bonus.

These two first deposit bonuses in Parimatch India vary in amount and wagering requiremens.

150 % Parimatch bonus up to 20000 INR

Load your account with at least 200 INR after registration as the first deposit and receive 150 % of the deposit, but not more than 20000 INR.

For instance,

If you add 1000 INR to your account, the sportsbook will reward you with the 1500 INR bonus (1000/100×150). This amount is less than 20000 INR, so you will gain the whole bonus of 150 %.

If you refill your account with 15000 INR, the bonus is technically supposed to be 22500 INR. As far as the amount is higher than 20000 INR, you will not receive 150 % of your deposit, but the maximum bonus of 20000 INR.

You are expected to wager the bonus within the time limit of seven days in such a way: place single sport bets with the odds not lower than 1.9 and the total amount of minimum 16 times the size of the earned bonus. The outcome of the bets is not important. After you do this, the funds from your bonus account will be credited to your main account.

For example,

If you add 1000 INR to your account, you get a bonus 1500 INR, which cannot be used for wagering. Place single bets with the odds not less than 1.9 and the total amount of 24000 INR (1500×16) to make it possible to transfer the 1500 INR bonus on the main account and use the prize money.

Parimatch 200 % Bonus up to 8000 INR

You can only redeem your bonus if you refill your account with minimum 200 INR, which has to be the first deposit after your registration. You will be credited 200 % bonus of your first deposit but not higher than 8000 INR.

For example,

If you load your account with 1000 INR, you will be eligible for the bonus of 2000 INR (1000/100×200). It is less than 8000 INR, so you will receive all 200 % of the bonus.

If the first deposit you make is 5000 INR, the bonus amount has to equal to 10000 INR. Due to the fact that this amount is higher than 8000 INR, you cannot claim the whole 200 % but only 8000 INR.

It is necessary to comply with the wagering requirements within seven days since the moment of registration. Place a wager of at least 1.9 odds each on games available in the Sports section and the total amount of not less than 18 times the received bonus. The outcome of the bets is insignificant. Finally, the bonus money will be transferred to your main account.

For example,

If you reload your account with 1000 INR, you will earn 200 INR in bonus money. These funds are blocked until the wagering requirements are satisfied. To wager the bonus make bets with the 1.9 odds as minimum and the total amount of not lower than 36000 INR (2000×18). This way you will be able to withdraw money to your main account and use it.

How to earn a welcome bonus in Parimatch

Complete the registration in Parimatch to get the opportunity to choose a bonus from Parimatch India. We suggest doing it by following the next steps:

  1. Open the official sportsbook website – the fast access link is given in this article.
  2. Click the menu button at the central bottom part of the screen.
  3. Press “Promo” in the menu.
  4. Find two welcome bonuses called “Premier League Welcome Bonus” on the offers list and the reward size.
  5. Select the preferred bonus.
  6. Go through the registration on the opened page:
    • Enter your phone number.
    • Create the password for your future account in the sportsbook.
    • Put a check mark inside a checkbox certifying that you are of legal adult age (18 years old) and agreeing with all the terms and conditions.
    • Place a check mark in the checkbox to activate the first deposit bonus.
    • Click “Sign Up.”
  7. Make a deposit on the “Deposit” page in the personal account.
  8. Receive money on your bonus account.
  9. Wager your bonus.
bonus Parimatch

Menu button on the website’s main page

Menu section “Promo” after clicking on the menu button

Welcome bonuses on the bonus page “Promo”

Registration page with the option of bonus activation for the deposit

Sign up

Extra bonuses

Welcome bonuses in Parimatch India are not the only offers of the sportsbook. Five monthly bonuses are available for the time being.

  • Cashback 5 % on Indian premier-league in cricket up to 3000 INR;
  • Cashback 5 % on cybersport up to 3000 INR;
  • Cashback 5 % on basketball up to 3000 INR;
  • Cashback 5 % on table tennis up to 3000 INR.

As you may easily guess, the conditions of these bonuses are almost identical and the only difference is the kind of sport.

Monthly cashback 5 % on five sports up to 3000 INR

Cashback from Parimatch can be applied to five types of sport – cricket (namely to the Indian Premier-League), cybersport, basketball, tennis, and table tennis. Punters can get these five bonuses once per month.

Cashback is 5 % from the difference between the amount of your bets and amount of your winnings, i.e. 5 % from the money that you lost. It is worth mentioning that the maximum possible cashback can be 3000 INR.

For example,

You placed bets of 5000 INR and your balance decreased to 3000 INR. This means that having lost 2000 INR, you can get 100 INR as a cashback (2000/100×5).

If you place bets of 100000 INR and lose 80000 INR, although the cashback is supposed to be 4000 INR, you will only be able to claim 3000 INR as a cashback according to the rules of this campaign.

Cashback bonuses from Parimatch India are awarded on a weekly basis during all seven days of the week:

  • During the first five days bettors place bets;
  • During the last two days the gamers wager cashback on the money which they lost during the first five days. This way they are satisfying requirements of transferring bonus funds to the main account.

How to get any cashback-bonus

In order to obtain a cashback, follow these steps:

  1. Get to the sportsbook’s website
  2. Click on the menu button in the bottom central part of the page.
  3. Select “Promo” from the menu.
  4. Find five cashback bonuses on the offers list. These offers include “Cashback 5 % up to 3000 INR” phrase.
  5. Opt for the bonuses which you would like to receive.
  6. Press “Join” to participate in the bonus programme during the current week.
  7. Get the cashback for qualifying bets that fulfil the next criteria:
    • Amount of the bet has to be not less than 100 INR;
    • Single bets with the minimum odds 1.5 or express bets with the minimum odds 1.5 for each event.
    • Bets made in pre-match or live;
    • Placed on the kind of sport or tournament where you can get a cashback;
    • Made during the first five days from the start of the bonus programme.
  8. Wager the cashback with the bets that meet such requirements:
    • The total amount of all bets is at least 5 times higher than the cashback amount;
    • Single bets with the minimum 1.5 odds or express bets with the total odds of not lower than 1.5.
    • Made on sport events in pre-match or live;
    • Placed within the two last days of the bonus programme.

Menu button on the main website’s page

Menu’s section «Promo» that pops up after pressing the menu button

bonus Parimatch

Cashback on the bonus page “Promo”

Cashback on cybersport page

Log in form on the Cybersport cashback page

Registration form on the Cybersport cashback page

The button «Join» to participate in the bonus programme on the Cybersport Cashback page after logging in to your account or signing up.

Parimatch bonus code 2022

Promocodes for Parimatch India can be received from the sportsbook’s partners.

The sporstbook itself also grants promocodes, but they only enable to receive standard welcome bonuses which can be got in other ways.

 Promocode in Parimatch India can be entered only during the registration if you create an account not on the page of any bonuses. 

If you would like to register in the sportsbook with the opportunity to apply the bonus-code, carry out the next actions:

  1. Open the sportsbook website
  2. Track out “Sign Up” in the top right corner.
  3. Provide the phone number and the password for the upcoming account in the sportsbook.
  4. Press “I Have a Bonus Code” Parimatch and enter the promocode. If such button does not exist, clear cookie-files parimatch. in and try again.
  5. Place a checkmark opposite the checkbox with assuring your legal age of 18 and agreeing to act in accordance with all the terms and conditions.
  6. Hit “Sign Up.”

Registration button  «Sign Up» on the main website’s page

Button «I Have a Bonus Code» to enter the promocode on the registration page

Registration page with the field for entering the promocode

Get a bonus

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